Woman shares look inside her smart home and is told she’s ‘living in 4022’

A TikTok user has stirred opinions online with her futuristic apartment, which features everything from an electric biometric finger lock to a self-stirring coffee mug

A woman has been told she’s “living in the year 4022” after showing the inside of her gadget-filled smart home.

TikTokker MyKoreanHome has raked in an impressive 17.4 million likes and 1.1 million followers due to her futuristic appliances and home furnishings.

After entering the apartment using an electric biometric finger lock, the tech lover often videos herself using a disinfection sprayer gun before making her way into the kitchen in heated slippers.

But cooking and cleaning is easy when you have a self-stirring coffee mug, automatic bin, sterilising knife holder, mini juicer, fridge purifier, automatic mop and vegetable cleaner.

The bedroom is also filled with innovative products including a wireless-charging night table, cosmetic fridge for face masks and skincare, a flame air humidifier night light as well as a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger that doubles as a lamp.

In her most viewed video, MyKoreanHome also shows off the automatic soap and toothpaste dispenser in her bathroom, as well as a portable glasses cleaner, and an adorable air diffuser.

Many users have hailed the TikTokker for “living in the future” with one person asking: “Girl are we in 2060 because I don’t know what year I am in?”

Another added: “She’s living in the year 4022.”

However, the gadget-filled home has received some criticism, with many blasting MyKoreanHome for owning an unnecessary amount of items.

People have also joked that her electricity must be sky high – and that “everything looks expensive but cheap at the same time”. In fact, some are dubbing the apartment the “Shein house” – named after the fast-fashion giant brand which has come under fire over the quality of its garments.

If you want to replicate MyKorenHome’s interior – you can – but it may break the bank. The star’s website sells all gadgets featured in her videos, with many items costing more than £300.

However, some users have pointed out that similar items can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon for a cheaper price.