Mum hits back after being criticised for letting toddler drink cup of tea

A mum who posted a sweet video of her little boy sipping a cup of tea on TikTok has sparked a fierce debate as people argued whether the tot was too young to drink it

A mum has divided opinions online after a video of her son drinking a cup of tea went viral.

Leanne shared a hilarious clip of her young son enjoying the warm brew out of a square Mr. Men cup on TikTok, where she’s known as @leanne.

When she asks him what he’s drinking, the little one heartily responded: “Cup of tea,” before taking a sip.

The video went viral on the platform, quickly amassing nearly 2 million views.

But people in the comments were divided as to whether the tot should be allowed to drink tea at such a young age.

A few people pointed out that tea, which contains caffeine, is not good for children to drink, as one person wrote: “Tea is just as bad as coffee, it’s filled with caffeine which is bad for babies.”

Another viewer added: “Addicted to caffeine at one-years-old LOL.”

A third person commented: “My kid loved tea until my health visitor told me to stop as it can cause them to not produce enough iron and they can end up anaemic.”

And a fourth said: “It’s not a good thing though, being addicted to caffeine isn’t a thing to be proud of. And before you say it, I’m English.”

A few others were concerned that he would spill the drink as it doesn’t have a lid, as one person said: “Not sure about the practicality of this cup.”

While another agreed: “No issue with the tea but that’s the worst thought out kids cup ever.”

Leanne was forced to defend her actions after receiving numerous negative comments.

She said: For the ones who are commenting about the tea… He had seen me with a cup of tea and wanted one.

“A cup with a small amount of tea won’t hurt him.”

A number of other viewers rushed to support her, as one person said: “To all the Americans… Yes, this is how we raise our young. tea addicts by 18 months.”

“Am I really seeing a debate over a kid having a cuppa? As long as it’s a Yorkshire tea,” asked another.

While a third wrote: “Now, this is raising a child right.”