My sister-in-law said I ruined her wedding all I did was cut my hair’

A woman took to Reddit to ask users if she was in the wrong for cutting her hair after her sister-in-law blamed her for ruining the aesthetic of her dream wedding

Most brides have an exact image in their heads of how they want their wedding to go.

So when one woman cut off her hair before the big day, the bride was not happy.

Posting on Reddit, the woman, who was part of her sister-in-law’s bridal party, explained that she decided to undergo a big hair transformation, swapping her long lengths for a short pixie cut

Thrilled, she posted a selfie of her new do on Instagram, but her sister-in-law was less than impressed.

The bride-to-be “flipped her s**t”, saying how she had “destroyed her wedding aesthetic,” and that she shouldn’t have cut her hair at all.

She also received a slew of nasty texts from the maid-of-honour.

“I sent them to both my mom and brother. My other sister, a bridesmaid, pulled out of the wedding party,” she said.

“There’s been an epic fight between my brother’s family and my [sister-in-law’s] family over my hair.”

Reddit users were quick to defend the woman and assured her she wasn’t in the wrong, slamming the bride’s behaviour.

One person said: “Any bride who loses her sh*t over her ‘wedding aesthetic’ needs to sit down and reevaluate her life choices.”

Another wrote: “If she wanted you to have a certain hairstyle then she needed to communicate that when asking you to be a bridesmaid. [Not the a**hole] your hair, your choice.”

A third commented: “Bridezilla is clearly on a warpath. Better to not associate with that as much as you can. Shows who she is as a person, NOT you.”

While someone else said: “You are so very much [not the a**hole]! You don’t ask people to be in your wedding party because they round out your ‘aesthetic’, you do it to honour their place and importance in your life (with maybe a smidge if politics thrown in to make people feel included and show an effort to blend families).

“The bride-to-be’s priorities are way out of whack. She’s treating you like an accessory to her ‘big day’ instead of a human being.

“I bet you look fantastic! The fact that this has totally blown up is awful, just certainly not your fault!”