I’m sick of my sister being rude so I confronted her our parents are fuming’

A woman left her family divided after she took it upon herself to tell her little sister the harsh truth about why she had no friends, and now her parents have accused her of bullying

A woman left her family divided after she explained to her younger sister that the reason she doesn’t have any friends is because of her personality – as she’s not nice enough to others.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her sister, Nora, is just 13 but despite her age, she has already been recognised for her intelligence.

Nora is described as ‘highly gifted’, and the youngster has let this news go to her head, so much so that she refuses to listen to her ‘unqualified’ teacher or team up with other students in her class who are ‘intellectually inferior’.

Trying to help her sister, the woman decided to tell her she had to be nicer to the other children – but the youngster didn’t like that, and now her parents have accused her of bullying the youngster.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said that her story began when she was giving her little sister a lift home.

She said: “I turned around and told her something pretty close to, ‘Nora, you aren’t friendless because everyone else is intellectually inferior, you’re friendless because of your nasty attitude. You may think you’re the smartest kid in the room, but you won’t go anywhere in life until you learn to treat people with respect, much less make friends’.

“It was something I’ve wanted to tell Nora for a very long time. My sister was stunned and was completely silent for the rest of the car ride.

“After dinner, once my parents were home and Nora was in her room, my parents basically laid into me for what I told Nora. They said how I was basically bullying Nora and telling her how she should ‘hold herself back when she’s exceptional’.”

After sharing her story online, the woman was inundated with support from other Reddit users who said that she was in the right for speaking out.

One said: “You gave your sister a reality check your parents should’ve. They’re the true as in this story, raising a spoiled brat.”

And then a second wrote: “Your sister is exceptional – exceptionally rude, ignorant, disrespectful, out of touch, socially maladjusted, entitled, spoiled, and stunted. I am impressed that you said what you said and nothing more.”

While a third said: “She should know better and treat people with respect. She needed a reality check, you didn’t scream or yell, you didn’t tell her that she’d never have friends. You just told her the truth.”