Woman slammed for stopping boyfriend from being his childhood friend’s best man

A woman took to Reddit to ask users whether she was unreasonable for not telling her boyfriend that she doesn’t want him to be a part of his best pal’s wedding over a feud with the groom-to-be’s fiancée

A woman has been slammed online after she told her boyfriend that he couldn’t be his close friend’s best man at his wedding.

Posting on Reddit, the 26-year-old shared the exciting news that she and her boyfriend of two years are expecting a baby.

But conflict arose when her boyfriend was asked to be his childhood friend’s best man at his wedding.

She explained that the two couples used to be really close until the soon-to-be’s groom’s fiancée “betrayed” her and went behind her back.

Despite not being included in the wedding party, her boyfriend offered to bring her along, in case issues arose with her pregnancy — but she refused, and told him she doesn’t want him to go along either.

“I told him that I wasn’t going to sit through and watch someone who betrayed me celebrate love,” she wrote. “I lost it and told him that if I’m not going to the wedding, then he shouldn’t be his best man and should prioritize me and the baby.

“It’d be awkward with his fiancé if I went, and his best friend can find someone else to be his best man.

“I told some of my friends this, and they said though the pregnancy is important for him to be attentive to, I should move on from the drama and let him be there for his best friend’s big day.”

She concluded her post by asking whether she was in the wrong, and many users were quick to point the blame at her.

One person said: “[You’re the ahole]. You can sit at home pregnant and p*y, but you have no right to tell your boyfriend he can’t be the best man in his best friend’s wedding.”

“‘I’m not going to sit and watch someone who betrayed me celebrate love'” more than sealed it for me,” said another. “[Original poster] is simply being overly dramatic and holding a grudge. Now she’s punishing her boyfriend because he isn’t holding the same grudge on her behalf.

“Someone gossiped about her so they don’t deserve to be loved? Give me a break.”

A third added: “Couldn’t have said it better myself. What a selfish person.”

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